2012 (fourth) China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Development International Forum

2012 (fourth) China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Development International
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Hello !
Continue to decline in 2011 , 2012 world economic growth remains weak, slowing Chinese economy has begun to show momentum , the Chinese government will this year's gross domestic product (GDP) growth target locked in an unprecedented 7.5% , for the first time to give up , "Paul eight " traditional practices. Premier Wen Jiabao in this year's "Government Work Report" specifically stressed: " GDP growth target is slightly reduced, mainly to the ' second five' plan targets gradually converge to guide all sectors to focus their work on accelerating the transformation economic development, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of economic development , in order to facilitate a longer period to achieve a higher level and better quality development . "
Challenges ahead, how to respond ? Only transformation. Just as the National Energy Board Secretary Liu Tienan in the national energy work conference said, the energy industry must enhance the sense of adjusting energy structure, improving energy conversion efficiency , building a modern industrial system of energy security and stable economic aspects of real progress in cleaning .
Concern about the continuation of the industry and the country , following the success of the development of three Chinese petroleum and petrochemical industries in international forums , 2012 ( fourth ) China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Development International Forum will be " challenging transition after the economic downturn " as its theme , the economic structure around affect many adjustments transformation of economic development brought by the enterprise operational level ; petroleum and petrochemical companies how to deal with the current complicated international and domestic situation ; how petrochemical industry benchmarking international competitiveness, hot, difficult and doubtful, the focus of issues were discussed , together Prospects and future opportunities to feel the pulse of the global oil market .
The forum will bring together government, industry, academia, research , military , media and other elite to discuss the development of China's petroleum and petrochemical industry of the road. Invites you to attend !
Forum Time: June 28, 2012 -29 days
Forum Location: Beijing Marco Polo Parkside Hotel
Forum Website : www.chinacpc.com.cn


2012 (fourth) China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Development International Forum Committee
"China's petroleum and petrochemical" magazine
May 15, 2012


First, forum topics : the economic downturn after the transition challenges
Second, organizations
Organizer: " China Petroleum and Petrochemical " magazine
Jointly organized : " SOE " magazine
Supported by:
China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation
China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Sinochem Corporation
China National Chemical Corporation China Aviation Oil Holding Company
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Zhuhai Zhenrong
Third, the support of the media :
Xinhua News Agency , the Central People's Broadcasting Station , China Economic Herald , China Petroleum Daily , China Petrochemical News , China National Offshore Oil News , Sina.com , China Petroleum News , China Energy Network , an international network of oil , world oil network, China 's industrial network , " International Petroleum economy "
Fourth, time and place :
June 28, 2012 -29 days Beijing Marco Polo Parkside Hotel ( five-star )
Fifth, the Forum proposed schedule :
Fourth China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry Development Forum
June 28 afternoon
13:00-14:30 sign to
14:30 Opening of the Forum

14:30-14:40 Welcome in energy Media Group president , " Chinese petroleum and petrochemical " magazine Gengqing Zhi
14:40-15:10 2012 China Economic Trend Analysis , deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Hou Yunchun
Problems faced 15:10-15:50 Analysis of petroleum and petrochemical industry restructuring China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation executive vice president Li Shousheng
15:50-16:20 domestic oil and gas resources exploration and analysis of the situation and the challenges facing the future of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wen-Rui Hu
16:20-16:50 war with the United States Military Academy Major oil exploration , researchers, doctoral Jiang Chunliang
16:50-17:20 second five tasks Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute Bai Yi enhance the development of the petrochemical industry
Status 17:20-17:50 unconventional resource development and the challenges of the National Energy Advisory Committee Expert Sun Maoyuan
17:50-18:30 Coffee Break
18:30-20:30 "Nanshan Fashion Night" Fourth China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry Development Forum Gala Dinner ( including clothing catwalk show and raffle )
June 29 morning
9:00-9:30 refined oil pricing mechanism reform should where several aspects NDRC Price Price Monitoring Center researcher Liu Manping
9:30-10:00 gasification China and investing in natural gas fields CIO China Energy Network Han Xiaoping
10:00-10:30 Oil Products joint venture company's management strengths and Chinese practice Hao Guoqiang , general manager of SSPC
Mistakes American Road Kay International Energy Group President Yang Bingqing 10:50-11:30 investing in U.S. oil industry
11:30-12:10 not learn dream of U.S. shale gas researcher Pingyue Wei of China Petroleum Fund Forum
21:10-13:30 Buffet lunch
June 29 afternoon ( Topic Forum : Science on oil production )
13:30-14:00 Chinese oil for five consecutive years to add 500 million tons of proven reserves tips China Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Party Secretary Zhao
14:00-14:30 "four modernizations" break the low permeability Ran Xinquan , general manager of Changqing Oilfield Company
14:30-15:00 Coffee Break
Nissan 's chief scientific experts 15:00-15:30 Shengli Oilfield Shengli Oilfield Wang Duanping
15:30-16:00 construction , general manager of Xinjiang Chen Daqing Oilfield in Xinjiang hair
Zhang Qin Song 16:00-16:30 How to build smart oilfield IBM petrochemical industry solutions manager